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伊伦伍德城伯爵Lord of Yronwood[1][2][3][4][5] is one of the titles held by the head of House Yronwood of Yronwood in Dorne.[1] The title dates back to the Age of Heroes when the heads of the house styled themself as the Bloodroyals, Lords of the Stone Way, Masters of the Green Hills, and High Kings of Dorne.[6]



King Olyvar Yronwood repeatedly led incursions into the Stormlands during the reign of the Storm King Erich VII Durrandon.[7]

King Yorick V Yronwood was the richest and most powerful dornish king when Princess Nymeria of Ny Sar and her people arrived in Dorne, and subsequently allied with Lord Mors Martell of the Sandship and started conquering Dorne. In the ninth year of the war, Yorick personally killed Mors in the Third Battle of the Boneway. However, he was forced to submit to Nymeria two years later, and he was sent to the Wall.[5]

Despite not being a royal house since Yorick submitted to the Martells a millennia ago, the Lords of Yronwood still use the title of the Bloodroyal.[3]

Lord Edgar Yronwood fought a duel to first blood against Prince Oberyn Martell, after he was found abed with Edgar's paramour. Both men took cuts. However, while Oberyn soon recovered, Lord Edgar's wounds festered and he died. Afterward it was rumored that Oberyn had poisoned his sword, gaining his nickname of "the Red Viper".[8][9]

Ormond Yronwood, Edgar's son, succeeded him after his death. Prince Doran Martell, Oberyn's brother, send his son, Prince Trystane Martell, as a ward to Yronwood as he thought that was the only solution Lord Ormond would accept to settle the blood debt between the two houses.[10]

Eventually, Ormond died and was succeeded by his son, Anders Yronwood. Trystane remained a ward under Lord Anders and served him first as a page then as a squire.[11] Lord Anders knighted Trystane when he was eighteen years old.[11][12]



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According to Princess Arianne Martell, Lord Anders is now loyal to Doran thanks to Quentyn's fosterage.[2]


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Lord Anders commands a dornish host in the Boneway, which includes men from House Toland.[9]




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