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高人Tall Men, known as 坦嘎赞·费恩 in their native language, were a people native to the grasslands of Essos. In Westeros they are known as the Sarnori, for at the height of their power the Kingdom of Sarnor ruled all the lands watered by the Sarne and the lakes that were once the Silver Sea, and fifty leagues beyond.[1]

Tall Men were long of limb, brown of skin, like the Zoqora, and with eyes and hair as black as night.[1]




They traced their descent to Huzhor Amai, the mythic king descended from the last of the equally legendary Fisher Queens and who took as wives the daughters of the greatest lords and kings of the Cymmeri, Zoqora, and Gipps. In fact, it was the Tall Men who conquered these three races and eventually assimilated them.[1]

Proud and quarrelsome, they seldom unified under a single ruler but nevertheless established a civilization that was one of the greatest in the world for more than two thousand years. They warred against the Qaathi and allied with the Valyrian Freehold during the Second and Third Ghiscari Wars, though during the Fourth, the rival Sarnori kings supported either the Freehold or the Ghiscari Empire.[1]

During the Century of Blood, however, the Sarnori saw the twilight of their power. Ignoring the Dothraki, they fell prey to their depredations and when they finally unified it was too late, as the Dothraki khalasars burned their cities to the ground. Today only in Saath, the sole Sarnori city that is not a ruin, do men still call themselves Tagaez Fen and worship their gods, though there are less than twenty thousand of them, when once they numbered in the millions.[1]


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