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Lord Bracken (Hand of the King)
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头衔 石篱城伯爵
势力 布雷肯家族
文化 河间地
死亡 178AC
子嗣 芭芭·布雷肯
原著书目 冰与火之歌的世界 (提及)

布雷肯伯爵Lord Bracken (Hand of the King)贝勒一世, 韦赛里斯一世伊耿·坦格利安四世时期的 石篱城伯爵和布雷肯家族族长。他的名字目前未知。他有两个女儿, 芭芭·布雷肯蓓珊妮·布雷肯.[1]


When the Princesses Daena, Rhaena, and Elaena Targaryen were confined to the Maidenvault in the Red Keep, they were accompanied only by maidens who had been sent to court by lords and knights who wanted to gain favor with King Baelor I Targaryen.[2] Near the end of Baelor's reign, one of these maidens was Lord Bracken's daughter Barba. When King Baelor I died in 171AC, King Viserys II Targaryen released Daena, Rhaena, and Elaena from their confinement, and Barba met Prince Aegon Targaryen, who became entranced with her. On King Aegon IV Targaryen's ascent to the Iron Throne in 172AC, he named Lord Bracken as Hand of the King and openly took Barba as his fifth mistress.[1]

Later that year, when Queen Naerys Targaryen was lingering near death from a difficult childbirth, Lord Bracken talked openly of wedding Barba to the king. However, these talks became Lord Bracken's undoing, as Naerys's son, Prince Daeron, and her brother, Prince Aemon, forced Aegon to send Barba and the king's newborn bastard son away from court.[1]

After Lord Bracken's daughter was replaced as the king's mistress by Melissa Blackwood, Lord Bracken and Barba started grooming his younger daughter, Bethany, to win the king's favor. In 177AC, Bethany caught the king's eye, and he took her as his seventh mistress. However, in 178AC, Bethany was caught in bed with Ser Terrence Toyne, a knight of the Kingsguard. Both Bethany and Lord Bracken were executed.[1]


Blood of Dragons

In the approved on-line roleplaying game Blood of Dragons created by Ran and Linda, he is given the name "Kennoth Bracken". However, this is not considered canonical, and is provided on this article for informational purposes only.[3]