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Daemon Velaryon
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头衔 潮汛之主
势力 瓦列利安家族
文化 瓦雷利亚
出生 大致介于11BC2AC[1]
死亡 大致介于77AC90AC[1]
子嗣 Corwyn Velaryon
Jorgen Velaryon
Victor Velaryon
原著书目 冰与火之歌的世界(提及)

戴蒙·瓦列利安Daemon Velaryon梅葛·坦格利安一世统治时期的瓦列利安家族族长和潮汛之主。 Lord Daemon was the son of Aethan Velaryon and brother to the Dowager Queen Alyssa Velaryon, wife of Aenys I Targaryen. He had several sons and daughters.[2] [3]


戴蒙是梅葛一世的王家舰队司令。He also advised King Maegor I to wed Princess Rhaena Targaryen.[4]48AC,他从梅葛手下叛变。在此之后,很多大家族都效仿他,纷纷背叛梅葛。He was one of the first to do so.[5][2]

When Jaehaerys I Targaryen ascended to the Iron Throne, Daemon was named lord admiral and master of ships once again. Some suspected that it was Daemon who alerted his niece Alysanne Targaryen about the small council's plan to wed her to Ser Orryn Baratheon.[6] After Rogar Baratheon was dismissed as Hand, Lord Daemon was raised by Queen Regent Alyssa Velaryon to Hand of the King. In 50AC, Daemon was confirmed in his office, while Manfryd Redwyne was summoned to to fill the post of master of ships.[7]

From all accounts, Daemon served ably as Hand of the King, but following the death of his sister Alyssa Velaryon at Storm's End and the murder of his niece, Lianna Velaryon on Dragonstone in 54AC, Lord Daemon resigned his office. Some say he had a rivalry with Manfryd Redwyne who succeeded him as master of ships and wished to relinquish his post as a result of a bitter feud. Most maesters and historians however, discount this tale and take Daemon at his word, that given his advanced age and the recent calamities that befell his house, he simply wished to spend his remaining time with his family. More heartbreak came to Lord Daemon in 59AC when during a devastating winter that brought with it a plague known as the Shivers, Daemon's second son and three of his daughters perished from the disease.[8] When Daemon finally passed away sometime later, he had outlived all of his own sons and was succeeded by his famed grandson, Corlys Velaryon.[9]



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