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Taking of Gulltown
Taking of Gulltown
冲突 Robert's Rebellion
日期 282AC
地点 海鸥镇
结果 Rebel victory
艾林家族 格拉夫森家族
Targaryen loyalists
Robert Baratheon
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攻陷海鸥镇Taking of Gulltown[1] was the first battle fought during Robert's Rebellion, or the War of the Usurper, in 282AC.


After King 伊里斯·坦格利安二世 executed Lord 瑞卡德·史塔克 and his heir, 布兰登·史塔克, in King's Landing, he sent word to Lord 琼恩·艾林 at the 鹰巢城 to execute his wards, Portal:电视剧, the new Lord of 临冬城, and Robert Baratheon, the Lord of 风息堡. Instead, Jon sent back only defiance.[2]

Ned Stark left the Eyrie to gather his bannermen from the north, while Lord Arryn began to call his own vassals from the Vale of Arryn in rebellion to the 铁王座. The city of 海鸥镇 remained loyal to the Targaryen dynasty, however, and rather than sailing from there Ned returned to the north via the 明月山脉, the 五指半岛, and 姐妹屯.[1] Jon Arryn also faced opposition from loyalists attempting to bring him down.[2]


While Ned was making his way north, Lord Arryn led the rebel bannermen from the Vale against Gulltown, which was defended by 格拉夫森家族. Robert, a close friend of Ned, was the first of the rebels to gain the walls of Gulltown. Robert slew 马柯·格拉夫森 with his own hand.[1]


The taking of Gulltown by 琼恩·艾林 allowed the Defender of the Vale to consolidate rebel control in the Vale of Arryn. 林恩·科布瑞 won his 骑士hood fighting alongside 格拉夫森家族 at the gates of Gulltown, but he joined Lord Arryn after the battle.[3] Lord Robert Baratheon returned to the 风暴地 to raise his own bannermen, which led to the battles at Summerhall.[4] Ned Stark survived the journey across the 咬人湾 and raised his northern bannermen.


This Baratheon is fearless. He fights the way a king should fight.[1]
- 高德瑞奇·波内尔


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