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Myles Smallwood
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头衔 爵士[1]
势力 斯莫伍德家族
文化 三河人[1]
原著书目 冰雨的风暴(提及)<>血与火(提及)

米斯·斯莫伍德Myles Smallwood伊尼斯一世梅葛一世杰赫里斯一世统治时期的橡果厅伯爵。他以勇气见长,但作为杰赫里斯一世的国王之手却很失败。他是历史中一位声名狼藉的首相,名字被后世记住以便警醒。[2]

Appearance and Character

Myle's face and body bore the scars of a dozen savage battles.[1]

Justly famed for his courage,[1][2] Myles was also admired for his martial skill and loyalty.[1] His speech was blunt and to the point.[3]


In 37AC, Lord Myles rode beside Lord Alyn Stokeworth, the Hand of the King for Aenys I Targaryen, when Alyn was hunting for the outlaw, Harren the Red. In 42AC, he faced Wat the Hewer in single combat in the battle at Stonebridge during the Faith Militant uprising. Myles fought on the side of Prince Aegon the Uncrowned in the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye against King Maegor the Cruel.[1]

One of Myles's sworn swords, Ser Willam the Wasp, was a victor in the War for the White Cloaks. Willam joined the Kingsguard of Jaehaerys I Targaryen.[4]

When Lord Daemon Velaryon resigned in 54AC, Myles was chosen as the new Hand. Since many of Jaehaerys's advisors were bookish, the small council desired that the king also be advised by a martial man such as Lord Smallwood. Jaehaerys was convinced by the recommendations of Ser Willam the Wasp and his liege lords, Lord Prentys and Lady Lucinda Tully.[1]

Myles disapproved of the conduct of the king's sister, Rhaena, toward her host at Faircastle, Lord Franklyn Farman. Jaehaerys did not take issue with Smallwood's point, only his words. After Willam was slain by outlaws in the Velvet Hills, Jaehaerys declined Myles's advice to punish Pentos. Although undoubtedly well-intentioned and a leal man, Myles was dismissed as Hand of the King in 57AC, as the Lord of Acorn Hall proved unsuited for the office, a fact that even Myles had acknowledged. Lord Smallwood was succeeded in the office by Septon Barth.[3]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Lord Davos Seaworth, now Hand of the King to Stannis Baratheon, is concerned that he has risen too high from his humble origins. When Davos suggests that the Hand should be a battle commander, Maester Pylos reminds him that the courageous Myles was an unsuccessful Hand.[2]

Quotes by Myles

I was made to sit a horse, not a cushion.[3]
—— Myles after being dismissed as Hand

Quotes about Myles

Lord Butterwell was renowned for wit, Myles Smallwood for courage, Ser Otto Hightower for learning, yet they failed as Hands, every one.[2]


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