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阳戟城投降Submission of Sunspear was the temporary victory of King Daeron I Targaryen over the Dornishmen during the Conquest of Dorne.


To ensure the loyalty of the Dornish after taking Sunspear in 158AC, Daeron had fourteen highborn hostages brought back to King's Landing by his cousin, Prince Aegon Targaryen. While the hostages secured the loyalty of the highborn Dornish, Daeron did not anticipate the tenacity of the Dornish smallfolk in resisting the invaders.[1]

Massive revolts began after the murder of Lord Lyonel Tyrell, who had been left behind as governor of Dorne by Daeron, at Sandstone; undoing the Young Dragon's work.[2][1][3] The young king was slain trying to suppress the uprising and King Baelor I Targaryen ascended the Iron Throne in 161AC. Prince Viserys Targaryen wanted to put several of the hostages to death, but Baelor forbade any harm to come to the hostages. Baelor walked barefoot to Sunspear to forge a peace.[4]


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“Submission of Sunspear”在世界集中出现过两次:“...bent their knees to Daeron at the Submission of Sunspear”和“After the Submission of Sunspear, Aegon escorted...”,中文版分别译为“......跪在戴伦国王脚边,宣告阳戟城开城投降”和“阳戟城投降后,国王把......”,因此暂且把这个词条命名为“阳戟城投降”。