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[[file:|50px|right]][[file:|50px|left]] 辛瓦拉
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出场季数 第六季
头衔 高等牧师
状态 Alive
信仰 光之王拉赫洛
演员 Ania Bukstein
We serve the same queen. If you are her true friend, you have nothing to fear from me.
—— Kinvara, to Varys

辛瓦拉Kinvara美剧《权力的游戏》(Game of Thrones)第六季出场的角色[1],由以色列演员Ania Bukstein饰演。[2][3]。辛瓦拉是名红袍祭司, 服务光之王拉赫洛的高等牧师之一。




Season 6

Kinvara meets with Tyrion Lannister and Varys in the Great Pyramid of Meereen as Tyrion plans to get her help into convincing the people to follow Daenerys as their guardian and protector rather than a conqueror or a invader. Tyrion greets her in Valyrian but she stays silent until she states, in the Common Tongue, he does not need to persuade her into helping. Kinvara is sure that Daenerys is the one who was promised, using her freeing of the slaves and her dragons as examples of her claim; Kinvara is thus happy to assist Daenerys's associates however she can. Before she and Tyrion can complete their agreement Varys interrupts, pointing out that Melisandre has proclaimed Stannis to be the One and that he was defeated by Tyrion in the Battle of Blackwater and later in Winterfell, the second time for good. He complains about how religion is overly self-assured of it's own tenets and that everything is the "will of the Lord", and asks her why he should believe in her words when another one of the Red Priestesses was wrong. Kinvara states that everything is the will of the Lord, but that men can commit errors. She asks him if he remembers what the voice in the flames said when the "second rate sorcerer" threw his man parts into the flames, or if he knows who was speaking on the other side, rendering Varys speechless. She asks if he needs her to speak the very same words, or to identify the speaker; Varys cannot bring himself to answer. As Kinvara turns to leave, she assures Tyrion that she will call on her best priests and preachers to speak about the Queen through all of Essos.[5]


第六季 出场
红袍祭司 破誓者 陌客之书
吾血之血 残人 无名之辈 私生子之战 凛冬的寒风

Behind the scenes

File:Kinvara necklace.jpg
Kinvara wears an Asshai'i necklace just like Melisandre's.
  • Kinvara looks almost unusually young to be playing a High Priestess in the Lord of Light religion - the actress was only 33 years old when Season 6 was filmed (six years younger than Carice van Houten, who plays Melisandre). Given the revelations of "The Red Woman", however, this is not as odd as it might seem at first glance. Kinvara wears a costume nearly identical to Melisandre's, down to to the distinctive Asshai'i necklace, so it's entirely possible that Kinvara might also be from Asshai itself and possess the same powers of glamor that Melisandre does. These powers have been hinted at, but not confirmed in the books.
  • The distinctive elongated hexagon design Kinvara's (and Melisandre's) necklace was confirmed by Michele Clapton to be a motif of Asshai and is not exclusive to the Red Priesthood, since the shadowbinder Quaithe (who is not a Red Priestess) also wore the design in her mask and clothing. The religion seems to have originated from Asshai, even though it's now popular in western Essos, so the motif likely spread with the religion when Melisandre and other Red Priests started preaching in different lands. Zanrush and an unnamed Volantene Red Priestess have also worn the design on their clothes (Zanrush on the collar, the Red Priestess on her girdle and necklace), which implies it is now standard ornamentation for all Red Priests in Essos.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the High Priest of Volantis is a man named Benerro. He openly supports Daenerys, claiming in his preachings that she was born to make the world anew and she is Azor Ahai, and demanding that the Volantenes take sides with her against the Wise Masters and their allies. He claims that "Daenerys stands in peril. The dark eye has fallen upon her, and the minions of night are plotting her destruction". However, the Volantene slavemaster noblemen hate Daenerys for her abolition of slavery in Slaver's Bay, and send a large fleet to reinforce Yunkai. The Triarch Malaquo Maegyr wishes to silence the priest, but does not dare use the city guard because half of them are followers of R'hllor.

Instead of going to Meereen himself to preach the message that Daenerys is the Lord's chosen, he sends one of his red priests, Moqorro. He travels in the same ship that carries Tyrion and, Jorah and their dwarf companion. Tyrion befriends Moqorro, who tells him about the visions he saw in the flames about Daenerys. To Tyrion's surprise, Moqorro claims that he also saw in the flames "You. A small man with a big shadow, snarling in the midst of all”. Tyrion feels flattered, but has doubts whether it is accurate, for every fool loves to hear that he’s important. Moqorro later tells Tyrion enigmatically "Others seek Daenerys too... one most of all. A tall and twisted thing with one black eye and ten long arms, sailing on a sea of blood.” It is unknown who or what is "the black eye" Benerro and Moqorro refer to, although this may be a reference to Euron Greyjoy, since he has one eye and Kraken have ten arms.

They get separated, however, after their ship is badly damaged in a storm: Moqorro is swept overboard, while Tyrion and Jorah stay on the broken ship, drifting for many days, till they are captured later by slavers - who take them to Meereen anyway - and don't know what happened to Moqorro.

The Red Temple of the Lord of Light in Volantis is massive, three times the size of the Great Sept of Baelor in King's Landing, as the religion is very popular with the city's vast slave population (Volantis is not only the most populous of the Free Cities overall, but within that population has a ratio of five slaves to each free man).

It is unclear in the books if there is one ruler or ruling body for the entire Lord of Light religion, similar to the High Septon or council of the Most Devout in the Faith of the Seven. There can be a single "high priest" (or priestess) for an entire major city-state such as Volantis, but how they coordinate with each other is unknown. Therefore it is unknown if Kinvara – or for that matter, Benerro – is being presented as "a leader" in the Lord of Light religion or "the leader" of the Lord of Light religion.

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